Ronda Rousey Death Hoax

After Ronda Rousey was upset by Holly Holm in the second round at UFC 193 in November 2015, she confided in Ellen DeGeneres and millions of her viewers that she contemplated suicide.

Ronda Rousey may have lost UFC 207 in under a minute, but she still walked away with a pretty incredible payday, earning $62,500 per second.

Nunes took it one step further, pinning the blame for Rousey's two knockout losses squarely on Tarverdyan, who has a boxing background and has been vocal about how good of a striker he believes he has made her over the years. Nunes doesn't think her opponent will ever fight again.

"If she says, 'I want to be back for Super Bowl weekend or the July 4th card, ' I would not be surprised in the slightest", he said.

Rousey will take her time making a decision about her future, and it could be some time before we hear her plans. "She has great judo and then she can go more forward in this division but he put some insane thing about her boxing and then her career started, like, going down".

Whether or not Rousey, who defended the same belt an astonishing six times, returns to the ring, the internet didn't pull punches in its reactions to Nunes' explosive and relatively easy victory. Following her loss to Nunes at UFC 207, Rousey released a statement to ESPN saying she needed some time to decide on her future.

Ronda Rousey did not do well upon her return into the UFC octagon in the final days of 2k16.

Cerrone fought on 5 occasions in the time between Rousey's bouts with Holm and Nunes. I believe the same can be said for Ronda.

"Instead of clapping for Ronda Rousey's defeat give her a standing O for putting the sport on the map", Bryant said in his Tweet, addressing the memes and criticisms UFC fans are throwing at her.

"You even asking the question", she responded to the first query, "it really proves that the inequality still exists".

"I would like to see her retire", she told TMZ. She went on to explain that daughter has a lot more talent to offer including starring in movies, writing, producing.

"[It] wasn't her night, and none of this would be here without Ronda Rousey", White said. This Ronda Rousey death hoax isn't the first of its kind, either.

"It was hard for us to go through but we certainly rebounded and came back with a new game-plan". While no drug use has been substantiated, her mother had previously spoken to the media about Rousey's previous depression & drug abuse.

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