Alaska's Electoral College members cast votes for Trump

Both groups he targeted with Facebook "dark posts", which are nonpublic paid posts revealed only to selected users.

This model would seriously alter presidential campaigning as we know it, but mostly in a positive direction. And they believed it.

Clinton made her own credibility bed. In a world of just a 2 percent growth rate, fears of jobs being exported, a flawed health care system and a disjointed foreign policy, Ms. Clinton had to do more than criticize Mr. Trump and implicitly promise a surrogate third term for Mr. Obama, but her message rarely went beyond attacking her opponent. That he could not win. I spoke at events alongside him and fought like hell for him to win.

Perhaps they feel they were lied to. Other candidates received 7,804,213 votes.

With the Democratic Party in disarray after Hillary Clinton's defeat, leaders of different currents within it, with their eyes on the 2018 Congressional elections, are scrambling to learn from the lessons of her loss and take over. Who was at fault? They then turned to blaming Comey, the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for releasing Hillary's emails. Instead they are downloading research data on the changing climate from US government servers and safeguarding them so they will remain available for further research no matter whom Trump appoints. The attack was traced to an IP address of the Department of Homeland Security. Attorney General Loretta Lynch says there's evidence.

Clinton lost because of her web of lies. Democratic senators from West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Oregon and DE also opposed Obama's decision. Rule by the people for the people, that is what democracy is all about.

Will you consider the resolution to unify with the Trump administration and the "principled" members of the GOP to make America great again? What is less understandable is that they now declare that this means the system is rigged - an obvious irony, given how they mocked Trump when he said the system was rigged. She said that if Trump could not hear her angst from his high-rise offices and apartment, she hoped he could read her frustration.

Zimmerman said he was optimistic that Trump could find common ground with Sen. Bernie Sanders, who isn't a Democrat, should run. Then Vice President Joe Biden, serving in his role as president of the Senate, asks if there are any objections. Elizabeth Warren with 34%. Things could get interesting.

Do the enemies of the Electoral College really want an election to turn on the results in a single state? "There were a lot of folks coming in and saying, "I haven't voted in a presidential election for a couple of cycles" or 'I've always voted Democrat, but I'm voting for Trump, '" Miller said. But despite assertions from Trump Tower that it was a "landslide victory" for the billionaire, Hillary Clinton beat Trump by almost 2.9 million votes-a fact that has seemed to weigh heavily on the president-elect.

Electors are chosen independently by each state to vote for the candidate their state has voted for in the general election. While Clinton received a majority of the popular votes, the Electoral College votes gave Trump a commanding lead of 306 to Clintons 234 - thus becoming the president-elect to take office on January 20, 2017.

A diehard Donald Trump supporter, Brian Braaten endured some taunting ahead of the November election from people convinced the NY businessman didn't have a chance of winning.

He will become America's next president.

Remember this when the Trump-hating media and the Hollywood celebrities try to cast doubt on Mr. Trump's "legitimacy".

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